You may be experiencing anxiety, stress at work, attachment issues, or relationship difficulties, these can be as a consequence of past traumas or adverse childhood experiences.  Together we can look at what has brought you to therapy, I can offer you strategies to enable you to work through things that affect you on a day to day basis.


I believe that the foundation to any therapeutic relationship is trust and connection, and this creates a position from which we can begin our work collaboratively.  Once this is established, it can be the conduit towards growth and healing.


Underpinning everything in my practice, is a relational approach, focusing on you and your needs whilst facilitating a safe, judgement-free space enabling you to bring whatever you feel you can in the moment. I integrate a variety of therapeutic models within my practice, tailoring it to suit every individual I work with. I may draw parallels to themes of repetitive patterns, recognising how past experiences impact current day events, and how these may manifest physically and affect your mental health. 


In person Counselling

I provide individual, face to face counselling sessions in a confidential space to facilitate exploration of your thoughts and feelings. We work collaboratively to enable you to develop coping strategies for various life challenges.

Online Therapy

I can also provide online therapy when in-person sessions aren't possible due to distance or down to individual preference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect in a counselling session?

During a counselling session which is 50 minutes long, you can expect a safe and confidential space to discuss your concerns and share whatever feels comfortable in the moment.

I will ask you what you are hoping to gain from therapy. I actively listen and help you develop coping strategies over the time we work together.

How long does counselling usually last?

The duration of therapy varies depending on you and your specific needs. Some clients may benefit from short-term counselling, while others may choose longer-term therapy. I will discuss this with you at the start whilst regularly checking in with you, over the time we work together.

Therapy can be a fluid process and although some individuals may prefer a timeline to work towards, others may find this constrictive adding unecessary pressure for "results." I prefer to collaborate with clients enabling you autonomy in your process first and foremost.

As a guide, I have worked with clients anywhere between 6 weeks and upwards of 12 months. 

What are your fees for counselling services?

My fees are £55 for a 50 minute session based upon a weekly session.